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Arizona Coyotes Quiz

Test your knowledge. You have 60 seconds

60 Seconds

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When did the Coyotes switch from Phoenix to Arizona in their name?

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How many times have the Coyotes made the playoffs upto and including 2017-18?

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The Coyotes have only ever broke 100pts once. How many did they get?

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Shane Doan spent his entire career with the Coyotes franchise (including Jets before relocation) how many games did he play?

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Clayton Keller scored 65 points in 82 games in 2016-18. How many of those were goals?

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The Coyotes used SIX goaltenders in 2017-18, who played the most games?

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Liam Kirk caused a stir in his home nation when he was drafted in the 7th round by Arizona. Which team was he playing for?

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Daily Trivia Quiz: Arizona Coyotes